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Please use the e-Journal resources extensively to know the latest trends and applications in Industry and emerging technologies.

VPCOE Library plays a vital role in acquiring organizing & disseminating knowledge. It has put in place policies and procedures systems and services and ambiences facilitate knowledge required for understanding & strengthening of subjects in Engineering.
This library has an excellence collection of books & journals and othe reading materials. It has good collection of CD-ROMs. There is a adequate infrastructure to meet its requirement and has all its operations using software developed in-house, providing access to the collection through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). It uses Bar-code Technology for transaction of books. The Library has a pool of 20 machines connected to internet for surfing world wide knowledge ocean, various important professional E-journals and accessible to staff and students. During preparation period and examinations, over 350 students take advantage of Library Reading Hall facilities.

Collection: (Till 13/01/2016)  

Total Volumes : 27503
Total Titles : 9665

Reference Books : 1286 

National : 69  


Digital Library:

Please use the e-Journal resources extensively to know the latest trends and applications in Industry and emerging technologies.

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IET Digital Library

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CD's and Video Cassettes: 1,776

1.  OPAC: Library has Online Public Access catalogue.
2.  Home lending: These books are issued to a student for ten days.
3. Book Bank Service: These books are given to students for     complete term.
4. Reading Hall Books Service: Ten books are issued for same          working day.
5.  Books Return Drop Box: Take no time for returning the books.
6.  Photocopy Service: Photocopy service is provided to the students.
7.  Reading Hall: Library provides excellent reading hall facility.
8.  Internet Service: Library provides internet service to the users.

1. Library is fully automated.
2. Continuous improvement of the Library and its services.
3. Library has Open Access System.
4. Average daily transactions of books are 300 per day.
Working Hours:  
Section Normal Time PL and Exam. Time
Circulation 9.45 AM to 6.00 PM 9.45 AM to 8.00 PM
Reading Hall 7.00 AM to 12.00 Midnight 7.00 AM to 4.00 AM
Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay, Central Library
University of Pune, Jaykar Library
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